Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1982, Woo KIM is a contemporary artist, mainly working on paintings and installations with the theme of "organic relationships." She graduated from one of the high-level engineering schools in Korea (KAIST) and France (Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées), and recieved D.N.A.P at the École Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Rennes in France and master's degree in painting at the Royal College of Fine Arts of Brussels. Working on various forms of art such as performance, installation and video as well as painting, the artist is vigorously making exhibitions in Belgium and South Korea. After her successful first solo show in South Korea "The Deongeori 덩어리" in 2019, through "Spontaneous Hesitation" held in Library Solvay in 2020, she began to make a name for herself in Belgium with her famous shape "Deongeori 덩어리".


Email: lovewookim@gmail.com
Instagram: @wookim_studio